How to Make Your Kitchen Decoration

Senin, 04 Mei 2009

Effective Lighting In Interior Decorating

Lighting can also be helpful in making a room look larger or smaller. For example, if a room seems too narrow, then wash one wall with light to visually expand it.

If a ceiling is high, but you want the room to have a more intimate and cozy feel, don't allow much light to escape beyond the height of the light/lamp shade.

And if you want to make a small room look larger, try up-lighting the ceiling.

If you're searching for home lighting ideas and fixtures, I recommend that you check out Bellacor. Their selection of home lighting fixtures is quite impressive. There are many items to satisfy all decorating tastes.

Room-By-Room Home Lighting Ideas

You'll find that there are literally hundreds of home lighting options for your home. Think of lighting from two aspects….functional and aesthetic.

Functionally, home lighting needs to provide the correct type of light in sufficient quantity for the intended purpose. Aesthetically, it can be configured to create the desired mood through its intensity and color.

Below are some ideas for lighting the various rooms in your home. And if you're interested in learning which light bulbs are best suited for your lighting fixtures, click here... Home Lighting Fixtures. Living Rooms

  • Place a lamp behind every reader's shoulder…about 42 inches above the floor. Click on this link for ideas on re-energizing outdated Table Lamps.
  • Highlight a framed piece of art with halogen track lighting or by attaching a picture light
  • Use accent lights to illuminate book or display shelves.
  • Install recessed lighting as your general lighting or to bring out beautiful wall textures (use a dimmer)
  • Slim strip lights come in just about any length and can stick to the edge of shelves or ledges to highlight displays or provide a soft wash to a wall
  • A grid of recessed ceiling cans will provide great general lighting
  • Install individual recessed down-lights as task lighting for the sink and range
  • Place halogen pendant lights over bars and counters
  • Under-cabinet lights make excellent task lighting
Dining Rooms
  • A chandelier over the dining room table creates a beautiful setting (use a dimmer)
  • Highlight a framed piece of art with halogen track lighting or by attaching a picture light
  • Install halogen strip lighting your china cabinet to highlight china or collectibles
  • If a chandelier is not your taste and you have a long table, try a trio of pendant lights
  • Place table lamps on your bedside tables. (For children's rooms, avoid halogen lamps which can get very hot.)
  • Wall sconces can provide good general lighting without being too bright
  • If there is not much space, consider recessed lights or pendant lights
  • Don't forget candlelight if a romantic setting is what you have in mind
  • Use shadow-free fluorescent or incandescent lights around mirrors for grooming
  • To avoid heavy shadows, place mirror lights on the side rather than directly overhead
  • Don't forget to install a nightlight
If you'd like an overview of what's currently happening in home lighting, click on this link... Home Lighting Trends.

Kamis, 30 April 2009

Window Treatments: Putting An End To The Confusion

These window treatments are great privacy protectors:
  • Roller Shades - can be used to cover the entire window. They can be made of vinyl or fabric. The fabric versions such as Roman and Balloon shades are lined and can be custom made to your exact window measurements. Balloon shades are also great if you want to set a romantic mood.
  • Cellular fabric shades - in non-sheer fabrics will add privacy and offer energy efficiency. They will also do a good job with sound insulation.
  • Draw Curtains and Draperies - can be closed to cover the entire window. You'll want to include a lining for added privacy and longevity.

  • Mini and Wood blinds - these are the most common ways used to provide a nearly private environment. Just be aware that there is a small possibility of seeing through the slats at certain angles. Wood blinds keep rooms warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  • Shutters - are great for giving boring windows architectural presence. They come with fixed or movable louvers for controlling privacy.
If you'd like some decorative ideas for blinds, shutters, and shades, I recommend that you check out Decorate Today - Blinds & Shutters. You'll find a wide selection, plus live online help is available to answer questions.

Light Control

When you think of using window treatments for light control, sleeping is probably the first thing that comes to mind. However, controlling the amount of light or glare in a room can also be important for other activities such as watching television, reading, or working at your desk.

Consider these treatments to control light:

  • Roller Shades - look for the light darkening versions. Try them in areas such as childrens rooms and your kitchen.
  • Perforated Metal or Wood blinds - can be tilted to keep direct sun out of your room, while still maintaining glare and light control. They are great for providing privacy and energy efficiency.
  • Bamboo and Matchstick blinds - add a tropical feel to a room. They will filter light and cut down on much of the glare, but should be backed with light-absorbing material if total blockage is required.
  • Cellular fabric shades - in non-sheer fabrics they reduce light and glare while adding privacy and energy efficiency.
In some rooms, such as your bathroom, kitchen, and kids rooms, you may find that privacy and light control are all that's needed. This may also be true if your decorating style is Contemporary. If so, the window treatments mentioned above come in many decorative styles and can easily stand alone.

However, when you want your windows to make a bolder statement and add character to a room, you'll want window dressings that provide a decorative framework.


Before you select window treatment fabrics and patterns, you'll want to first decide on the mood you want for the room. Do you want it to be casual? romantic? formal?

The reason for this is because the mood you choose will influence the type of fabric and style for your window treatments, which is a matter of personal taste…

Lots of fabric flowing from floor-to-ceiling conveys a formal look. Swags of sheer fabric draped across a wide window rings of contemporary elegance. A simple cornice covered in a colorful cotton fabric might be the spark that brings life to a casual room.

Use these Home Decorating Made Easy links to help narrow your options:

Key Facts About The Top 10 Home Decorating Fabric Fibers Dress Your Windows To Match Your Decorating Style Glossary of Window Treatment Styles & Terms Techniques For Dressing Windows To Hide Design Flaws The picture below shows the treatment that I used for one of my living room windows. The room is decorated in an Eclectic home interior decorating style.

The single swag used for the window treatment adds drama to the room. One of the drapery panels flows to the floor and forms a puddle for an elegant and romantic touch. Simple metal blinds are tucked underneath when privacy or light control is needed.

Notice that the diamond pattern is repeated in the two decorative pillows and bogart chair in the lower left corner.

If you'd like plenty of great ideas for curtains, draperies, valances, and cornices and more , I recommend that you check out the book Window Treatments Made Simple. It will help you to quickly determine the window treatment to match your decorating style, personality, and window type.

Another window treatment example is shown to the right.

I wanted something simple to cover a narrow bathroom window, so I had this decorative ascot valance made.

The bronze fabric provides a subtle touch. Similar to my living room, metal blinds are tucked out of sight until needed.